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Bringing Your Blog on First Page of Google Search Results

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Every blogger dreams to see his/her blog on the first page of Google search results but it is not always easy to achieve this goal. It requires hard work with well defined strategies to make appear your blog among the top results in Google search results.


Why it is Necessary to Be on First Page of Google Search Results?

A rough estimate shows that above 80% of the traffic for a particular search goes to the first and top three blogs or websites which dominate the SERPs. So if you succeed to get the first, second or third position for some posts in SERPs, then it ensures that your blog receives a decent organic traffic. Only first three positions aren’t necessary always, your position anywhere on the first page or even among the top results on second page can send a good number of visitors to your blog. But the question is, how to be among the top results in Google search? The following tips will help you.

Make Visitors Love Your Content

Once it was easy to rank any blog or website among the top results by building only a few backlinks and by applying some tricky techniques including keyword stuffing etc., but now everything has changed. You can get good ranking in SERPs only if your content delivers value to your visitors. Search engines, particularly Google, measures this by the behavior of visitors towards your blog. If your blog contains quality and useful content, the visitors will surely stay long on your blog, if they don’t find what they need, they surely escape from the entrance. This really matters. If your blog has increased bounce rate, then it sucks, and if it has low bounce rate, then your rankings boost. Learn, how to reduce bounce rate on your blog.

Write Well and Naturally

Most bloggers over-optimize their blogs for that they are punished. They think that a high keyword density and other techniques will earn the top ranking for their blogs, but the reality is not the same. Several blogs are punished for doing this. If you are also practicing tricky techniques to get the first position in SERPs, then stop it now and start writing naturally. In addition, also make it sure that your writing is free of grammatical and structural errors.

Do Guest Blogging on Authority Blogs

Backlinks are still alive and there is no any better practice than guest blogging to build safe and quality backlinks. If you do guest blogging on authority blogs, then it really helps you in boosting ranking of your blog. When you guest blog on other blogs, it benefits you in two ways. First, you get quality and authority backlinks which boost ranking of your blog and second, blogging community recognizes you. On authority and successful blogs, a huge crowd gathers daily and if you succeed to introduce you as an enthusiastic blogger, then other bloggers and common readers surely visit you. So you receive traffic also which indicates that you have an authority blog and search engines rank your content better.

Focus Long-tailed Keywords

If the particular keywords for your upcoming post are much competitive, then use long-tailed keywords. This will greatly help you in dominating the ranking competition. For example you were writing a post on “Importance of Blogging” and noticed that this keyword is competitive and you can’t beat your competitors. In such a situation, a long-tailed keyword combination like “importance of blogging in 2013” can achieve good ranking. So always use long-tailed keywords if the topic of your post is highly competitive.

Avoid Duplication

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers commit is the duplication of content and post topics. It is not always necessary that only the duplicate content will drop your ranking. If you write multiple posts on same topic using similar keywords, it creates a competition among your own posts and they can’t compete other blogs and as a result they can’t rank well. So make it sure that your content is not competing internally.

Build a Few Highly Relevant Links to Each Post

After publishing your post, try to build one or two authority and highly relevant do-follow backlinks to your blog post. You can do it by submitting a guest post or through any other source. If you succeed to build them, then your top ranking in Google search results is almost guaranteed.

So these were some practical tips for getting a high position in SERPs. I hope that you will find them useful. If you have any other suggestion, which you found as working for you, then don’t forget to share with us below by leaving a comment. Thank you!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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