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Why it is Necessary to Download Regular Blog Backups

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You might have heard sad stories of several bloggers that they made a post on their blog at night, replied to their visitor comments and slept. When they got out of the bed next morning and looked over their blog with several positive expectations, they shocked by seeing that the blog was deleted or it was hacked. Sounds funny? But it has happened with several bloggers who lost their blogs forever due to not having a backup.

Blogger Blogs Need Special Care

Blogger is the most popular blogging platform among those who can’t afford to purchase a hosting. Several other bloggers (like me 🙂 ) are out there who can afford to purchase hosting but still don’t want to leave Blogger as they find it comfortable and working for them. But it is a bitter truth that your Blogger blog is always at risk. It can be deleted anytime by Google when you violate any of their TOS and it has happened with several bloggers. So you need to take special care of your blog by downloading regular backups. Along with backups, you must use your own domain with your Blogger blog, so you will be able to shift your domain with downloaded backup elsewhere if Google deletes it.

WordPress Blogs are Vulnerable to Hacking

Yes, hackers can snatch your blog from you very easily when you are running it on your own hosting. It doesn’t matter how much expert you are, still there is a great risk. Hackers can break into your blog’s admin area when they find a little chance. You can take some precautionary measures to protect your WordPress blog from hackers, but still there is a chance of being hacked is left. So the one and only thing you can do to protect blog is to download regular backups of your MySQL databases and the content in wp-content directory. It is not always necessary that only hackers will snatch your blog from you, you can damage it by your own mistakes also.

Several bloggers are there who accidentally deleted their MySQL databases which contain all posts, users details and other data except images and other media. If your host is smart enough and does regular automatic backups, then you can get your MySQL databases after deletion but you can’t always expect this from your host. If you can’t download regular backups by your own, then how anyone else can do it for you? So it is wise to keep offline backups in your computer or anywhere else to ensure that you are able to restore everything in case something goes wrong. Goodness of WordPress, you can use plugins to keep automatic online backups of your WordPress blog.

Your Hosting Server May Crash Down

Your blogs are hosted on computers (servers) and you must keep this fact in mind that they may also crash. Big brands like Google, WordPress and other famous hosting services have great precautionary measures to protect online data but if you are hosting your blog with a small host, then it is at risk. The server may crash as our systems’ hard drives do sometimes and if it happens, you will loss your content. In such a condition, a backup will act as lifesaver!!

This may sound funny to you but you must know that now a days people set up a small server in their bed rooms, get a fast Internet connection and then launch their hosting company. If you are their customer, how you can expect that your online data is backed up regularly or it is safe? Just think twice.

Frequency of Backup Downloads

It depends on how frequently you are updating your blog. If you make frequent posts, then you must keep a high frequency of backup downloads. Daily backups, twice a day or even more backups may be necessary for you to ensure that you have the most recent backup to restore your content if it is stolen from you. For some bloggers, even a weekly backup works who occasionally update their blog. In simple words, the higher the frequency of backup downloads, the lesser will be the loss.

From Where I Got Inspiration to Write this Post?

Although I have discussed the importance of regular blog backups in my several posts but this time, I decided to write a special post on this topic after reading the expressions of bloggers at Charles Lenoir, one of my friends, is a US blogger who initiated this question by asking that What Would YOU Do If Suddenly Your Blog Was DELETED.

I hope that this post made you understand about the importance of regular backups. Don’t forget to share your ideas. Stay safe and sound. Good luck!!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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