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10 Best WordPress Plugins in 2013

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WordPress is powerful due to the availability of numerous plugins. There are many pluginsĀ  which boost SEO, security and other functionality of WordPress blogs. Where uncountable plugins are available there, it is also a fact that you need only a few of them according to your blog’s needs. You have to install plugins wisely. Installation of multiple unnecessary plugins may slow down your blog and it is extremely bad for blog health and performance. I have listed 10 essential WordPress plugins, which you must install on your blog. These plugins will improve your WordPress blog’s functionality greatly. Here is the list for you.
WordPress by default reloads when your visitors leave comments. It irritates your visitors when they put in some detail incorrectly and WordPress takes them to a new page from they need to comeback your post again for resubmitting the comment. In such situations, most visitors don’t bother to comeback again and they leave your blog without leaving comment. WP-Ajaxify-Comments plugin transforms commenting on your blog and comments are submitted through Ajax, so the page doesn’t reload. In such a way, WP-Ajaxify-Comments plugin improves commenting on your blog greatly.
If you have enabled user registration on your blog, then you must install this plugin. Modern spam bots register on your blog and even verify emails automatically. To prevent spam registrations, you must install Captcha and enable it on registration form. This plugin uses math logic to fight against spam attempts. Along with Akismet, the plugin will greatly reduce or even eliminate spam from your blog.
Comment Notifier
Greeting a new commenter on a blog is the best strategy to increase the number of loyal readers. Comment Notifier WordPress plugin sends the commenter a welcome email when he/she leaves comment for the first time on your blog. You can customize the email the way you like. Install Comment Notifier, set welcome email text and leave the job of welcoming new commentators on Comment Notifier. This plugin really helps you in converting your first time visitors into loyal ones.
WP-Biographia adds a stylish author bio box to every post (and pages if enabled) of your WordPress blog. The author bio introduces the author to audience beautifully. You must install this plugin to introduce you among your visitors in a decent way.
Exclude Pages
Sometimes, you need to hide some of your pages from navigation menu. Exclude Pages WordPress plugin puts a check box in sidebar of post editor/composer and you can either show or hide pages in navigation menu by a single click only.
Sidebar Login
An easy to customize log in box can be placed on your blog’s sidebar using Sidebar Login plugin. You can customize greetings for logged out and logged in visitors easily and can also define links to show in widget for logged in users. This plugin makes it easy for you and your visitors to log in instantly without navigating to the default log in page.
Broken Link Checker
Sometimes you put broken links in your blog posts and pages which affect both user experience and SEO negatively. Broken Link Checker plugin scans your posts and pages and informs you when broken links are found.
WordPress Backup to Dropbox
Intelligent bloggers backup their blog on regular basis. A complete backup of your blog acts as a lifesaver in case your blog is hacked, crashes downs or compromised. WordPress Backup to Dropbox backups your WordPress blog automatically to your Dropbox account or any other location on your own server according to the defined settings. Just define settings and schedule when the plugin should backup your blog and forget about all worries. Keeping your blog’s backup on Dropbox ensures that your blog is safe even when your blog account is hacked.
WP Super Popup
Popups, which appear frequently, irritate visitors and result in increased bounce rate on your blog. By using WP Super Popup plugin, you can place onetime popups on your WordPress blog effectively. This plugin sets cookies on visitors’ browsers and don’t appear again and again after appearing for the first visit or whatever you define in settings.
Slick Contact Forms
You must make it easy for your visitors to contact you whenever they need help. This improves relations and understanding between you and your audience and it is necessary for a successful blogger. Slick Contact Forms plugin allows you to put beautiful contact forms with sticky/floating buttons on your WordPress blog. Additionally, you can link these forms in blog posts and pages using a short code only.
These were 10 essential plugins for your WordPress blog. You must install them on your blog to give it necessary features. I hope that you will find your blog performing the best after installing these plugins. If you have any other suggestion, don’t forget to share below in commenting section. Thank you.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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