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AdBrite Disappeared Without Paying Earnings of Publishers

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AdBrite, which was being considered as one of the biggest alternatives to Google AdSense left the competition and disappointed several publishers who were monetizing their websites and blogs through it. In January 2013, publishers of AdBrite shocked when they received emails from their “Trusted” publisher saying that the service is being stopped by February 2013. Where this bad news disappointed several bloggers and website owners, it also revealed that there is no any competitor of Google AdSense. AdBrite was among trusted names in recent past but now their entire website doesn’t exist. Where once publishers were feeling happy by viewing their creeping earnings at, now they see a tragic “Server not found” error on their computer screens.


A question arises here. Why AdBrite stopped its services? Was it turned a scam or they faced loss in the business? If the company was in loss, then why they didn’t informed its publishers? Now when AdBrite has shut down its entire website, publishers can just say it a scam as the company didn’t pay their earnings. Some unreliable sources say that the company tried to sell the business but they failed to find any buyer. But the suffered publishers can’t do anything, yes they can blame themselves only that why they declared AdBrite as the alternative to AdSense.

AdBrite Gone, Next What?

It doesn’t mean that all other publisher revenue sources like Chitika, Infolinks and AdClickMedia will also do the same as AdBrite did, yes but it has made publishers more sensitive and careful. Now they will think several times before choosing any affiliate network.

AdBrite has left the market, so other AdSense “ALTERNATIVES” like Chitika and Infolinks have a great opportunity to expand their business. A huge number of publishers, who has lost AdBrite, is seeking for any other reliable source to monetize their blogs and websites. But what should they choose now? It is the biggest question among sufferers who have lost their monetizing source.

So What Can be the Best Alternative to Disappeared AdBrite?

If you are an AdBrite sufferer, then my suggestion would be to monetize your blog through direct advertisers. I am not suggesting AdSense as you might have lost it already. If your blog or website receives decent traffic, then there is nothing to worry about. The traffic is your currency. As AdBrite has left the market, so I can’t recommend you any other network, but yes, my strong recommendation is that find direct advertisers. If you succeed to find some, then you can earn even more than AdSense. Or if you can build an AdSense friendly blog, then it is good. AdSense will never disappoint you like AdBrite did.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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    1. Hi Jessica, its too sad to hear about your financial loss 🙁 , I hope you learned some good things from that bad experience.

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