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Ad-Blockers, the Biggest Competitors of AdSense

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Ad-blockers are installed by web surfers to prevent annoying popups and other advertisements. AdBlock Plus is the most famous among ad-blocking add-ons which is used by a majority to filter the ads. Although these add-ons are delivering comfort and a brilliant user experience to the web surfer but indeed they are killing the advertising programs like AdSense, Chitika and BuySellAds. BuySellAds‘ entire website breaks when you visit it with a browser AdBlock Plus installed on it. It reveals that these advertising companies are surrendering in front of ad blocking plugins which are getting famous day by day.
Ad-blockers were once used by webmasters only and the number of common visitors using these plugins was negligible. Webmasters do so to prevent accidental clicks on their own ads and to filter the annoying ads on other websites. I installed this ad blocking plugin to ensure that my AdSense ads are protected against accidental self-clicks. But now where common visitors are frequently getting ad blocking plugins on their browsers, the matter is getting worse for both advertising companies and the publishers.
How Ad-Blockers are Killing AdSense and Other Advertising Companies
Ad-blockers recognize the traditional ads and don’t allow them to appear on the browser at which the ad-blocker plugin is installed. When ads aren’t displayed, the advertising companies fail to promote the products of advertisers. Modern ad-blockers recognize almost all types of ads and block them. They improve the user experience but on the other hand hamper the advertising companies badly.
As we know that there is no any competitor of AdSense among advertising companies but the biggest competitor is there about which most people don’t know. Ad-blockers are really competing AdSense. 

Ab-Blockers are Snatching Money from Publishers

Publishers monetize their blogs and websites by showing ads from AdSense and other advertising companies but ad-blockers are gradually but effectively reducing their earnings. Visitors, who have installed ad-blockers on their browsers, don’t see the ads at all thus they return no value to the blogger or website owner.
How Advertising Companies Can Compete Ad-Blockers?
Advertising companies can compete and beat ad-blockers only by changing the traditional ad distribution techniques. They must bring some solid changes in their ad distribution technology to by-pass the security of ad-blockers, otherwise ad-blockers will win the race completely in near future. Lets see, what kind of strategy is adapted by advertising programs in future. 

Publishers and Ad-Blockers

Publishers may switch to direct advertisers if there earnings are minimized by ad-blocking plugins. Simple images and links aren’t blocked by ad-blockers, so publishers can restore their revenue by switching to direct advertisers. But this matter hasn’t dominated yet. You may loss a very small portion of your revenue in present but in future, this issue may get crucial for publishers.

Ad-Blockers’ Issue is Really Alarming
You may have ignored this issue but ad-blockers are really getting popular among the web surfers. In near future, these programs will surely hamper the traditional ads distribution completely. If the modern ad distribution technology isn’t changed accordingly, the Internet Marketing may somehow collapse. So both advertising companies and publishers must take this issue seriously. By bringing solid changes in strategies and techniques, they will be able to compete ad-blockers effectively. 

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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