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3 Golden Tips for Beginner Bloggers on Getting Quick Success in Blogging

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3 Golden Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger Quickly

Blogging is easy to start, harder to carry on and hardest to get success with. A very large number of people enter blogging each day and same number or even larger number of them leaves blogging due to continuous bad results which discourage them. A comparatively very small number of bloggers keep on with blogging and face the difficulties and challenges bravely till they succeed. To make the blogging success easier, I am sharing my experience with you which will surely help you how to blog better for getting success. If you follow my suggestions, I promise you that you will get very good results in a shorter time.

My First Suggestion, Learn Basics of SEO before You Start Blogging

Search Engine Optimization is the most important factor which brings visitors to your blog. If you don’t know even basics of SEO, then your blog will almost lost in the huge crowd and thus you will unable to bring a good number of visitors to your blog. When I started my first blog in 2006, I was totally unaware about what is SEO, so my blog was hardly getting only around 20-50 visitors a day even after hard work of several months and the most annoying thing was that all traffic was referred, i.e. visitors were coming from social networks at which I was sharing my content. I put hard work of around one year on my blog and filled it with content but at last, I discouraged a lot by continuous failure and then deleted my blog in 2007.
Two years later in 2009, I started a small website and while building the website with the site-builder, I came across some fields there which were asking me to enter description and keywords for my pages. I then googled to know about them. From search results in Google, I found some forums where such things were being discussed. I joined these forums and started learning about SEO and after a short time; I understood the basics of SEO. Then I applied my understanding on my website and got wondered that how much it is easy to bring visitors to your website by doing a good SEO. As my website was a localized one, so I didn’t face any difficulty to rank my website among top search results.
It was August 2012, when I decided again to start my blog. I signed up for a free blog on Blogger with blogspot sub-domain and started blogging. Now I was familiar with SEO that how to optimize my blog for search engines. The results were brilliant. I received good traffic and the blog, about which I am talking, is being read by you at the moment. It is only six months old now but receives good traffic and has got PR4. I have registered my own domain for it and enjoying blogging
So I shared my story with you to tell you about the fact that proper SEO is most important without which you are not going to achieve anything. I am sharing this to save your time. I learned it in years but sharing with you in a few articles. I hope that this article and some other articles will help you in getting an earlier success before continuous failure discourages you

My Second Tip, Set Your Goal

The second tip, which is also very important for blogging success is the well defined goal. Once you define your goal and start niche blogging, your mind automatically gets innovative. Alternatively, if you haven’t set any niche for your blog and post randomly on it, then your thoughts are dispersed. In attempt of doing several things, you will unable to blog better. I am saying this because I have experienced it. This was also one of the reasons for my initial failure that I was involved in blogging without defining my ambition. If you have started blogging with several niches (topics), then I’ll advice you to limit them. Get restricted to those niches only about which you are enthusiastic. If you haven’t started your blog yet, first figure out your strength and interests, and then start blog on them. By doing niche blogging with your interest, you will enjoy what you share with the world. You will be able to do it better and people will respect your thoughts. Gradually but surely, you will be able to drive more and more traffic.

Never Copy/Paste Content from the Internet
Most beginner bloggers copy content from other websites and fill their blog with it, but they don’t know that they are going to get nothing for doing this. Where search engines will drop your ranking for copied content, your visitors will also never like your blog as it doesn’t contain unique or new information. I also have done it in past when I was a beginner and as a result, I badly failed. You must understand this that your blog is your diary which should reflect your thoughts and knowledge. People only love to visit you when you give them something unique and useful. If your blog contains common things on it which are already there on tons of other websites, then no one bothers to read it. Neither your visitors nor search engines. Search engines, particularly Google, also behave like human beings. When their crawlers find that the content, which your blog contains, is already there on the web, then mostly they even don’t bother to index it and if they index, still they will never rank you. It means that you are not going to get visitors. So fill your blog with your own content. I mean that the writing style should be your own. By doing this, you take yourself very nearer to the blogging success where people will visit you frequently. And the last tip, which you will hear from every successful blogger, never give up! Don’t admit defeat at any cost. If you believe that you are doing well, then also believe that success is waiting for you. Good luck!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. Fantastic ideas, will really help, i was only aware about the last one that copying content is not good, but why it is bad, it was still a mystery for me 🙂

  2. I’m a new blogger well will be and now I’m beginning to read more blogs ( which I read many many before). I’m learning ways to market and get traffic rolling! I’m a new mom 2011 and working on a few opportunities to grow now and blogging I’m very interested to start rolling! I hope you can follow me and be a helpful hand and helping me succeed and I will do the same in return! Stay posted 🙂

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