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Choosing a Good Host for Your WordPress Blog

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Choosing a Good Host for WordPress Blogs

Do you have ever thought that your web host plays a crucial role in success of your blog? No? Then you are committing a big mistake. If you are running your blog on Blogger, then add a custom domain to it if you haven’t done it and then forget about host because Blogger’s robust servers are already providing your blog a very good hosting. Always remember that custom domain is very much important for a Blogger blog.  If you are running your blog on WordPress or willing to start a new blog with WordPress self hosting, then you must consider some important things before choosing the host for your WordPress blog. Remember that these factors strongly affect your blog’s performance. Below tips will help you in selecting a good host for your WordPress blog.Linux or Windows?
Yes, this is crucial but most bloggers select their blog host without getting answer to this question. WordPress is designed for Linux, not for Windows, so it creates several frustrating issues on servers with Windows OS. The first thing, which you should consider, is that select a hosting with Linux servers, not with Windows OS. By doing this, you will minimize the risk of any technical issues which might create problems later on your blog.

Dedicated, VPS or Shared Host?

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive but best hosting in which you hire an entire server for your blog. On a dedicate host, your blog runs smoothly as all resources of the server are allocated to run your single blog only. VPS hosting is cheaper than Dedicated hosting in which each blog is allocated a specific amount of resources. VPS servers make it sure that other blogs hosted on same servers are not consuming resources which are allocated to your blog. This type of hosting also performs good. The cheapest and most common hosting is shared hosting in which several blogs are hosted in same server and blogs consume the same resources. Such hosting is worst in performance and your blog runs slowly on a shared host. Your blog may also face downtime which affects its ranking. So if you can afford and expect high traffic for your blog, then go for a dedicate host. With a moderate budget, your choice must be VPS hosting and if you can’t afford even VPS hosting, then go for a shared host with any of popular hosting service providers like GoDaddy, Hostgator and Bluehost.In addition to several other benefits of a dedicated or VPS host, they give your blog a static and unique IP. Most SEO experts believe that blogs with static IPs are more trusted by search engines. In such a way, your blog can get higher rankings with a dedicated or VPS host.

Server Location

Server location is also important. Most bloggers prefer to host their blogs on US based servers due to their maximum uptime. If you go for servers based in a poorly developed region, then your blog may face increased downtime. For a better performance, prefer servers from US, Sweden, UK, France and other developed countries of the world.

Analyze Reputation of Your Host

Before selecting your host, get maximum details about it and see what its reputation among general users is. What people are saying about the host’s uptime, customer support and other features. Get information from more than one neutral sources. If you unable to find satisfactory stats about the host, I would like to recommend you that forget about that host and search a different one which is famous and trusted by a majority.

Ignore Prices

Most bloggers select the host instantly after knowing that the host is offering its services for a very low price. I would like to say that always prefer performance of the host over price. In general, the cheaper the host is the crap it will be in performance. But it is also possible that the host is both cheap and good in performance. To find out this, again do a search on Google about the host and see what general reputation the host has.

Customer Support

The most important thing is that how the hosting service faculty is dealing with its customers. You will face several technical issues with your WordPress blog and in most situations; only your hosting providers can solve your issues. If they are responsible and responsive, then they will resolve your issues instantly and your blog will perform well always. So considering the customer support of the hosting service is another important thing which bloggers must think about before they select a good host for their WordPress blog.

Space, Bandwidth, MySQL Databases, Ad-on Domains and Email Accounts

Space and bandwith are two most basic things about which every blogger knows. Bandwidth is the amount of data which is consumed when your visitors access your blog and download or upload content. If you can afford, go for unlimited space and bandwidth, but it is necessary that bandwidth must be unlimited or enough to handle the amount of traffic on your blog.WordPress stores its data (posts, pages, tables, comments, site member details etc.) in MySQL databases. See how many MySQL databases are provided by your host. The more databases are given by your host, the more scripts (WordPress, Joomla, forums etc.) can be installed.

Add-on domains and email accounts are also important. Add-on domains are additional domains which can be used with the same hosting for creating other blogs and websites. If your hosting provider allows add-on domains, then you can create additional blogs, personal websites and forums on the same hosting with no any additional cost. You may also like to create multiple email accounts under your blog, so check how many email accounts are allowed by your hosting.

These were some most basic tips which you must consider before selecting a host for your WordPress blog. Good luck!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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