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How to Remove / Hide / Delete “Powered By Blogger” Attribution Link

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Please keep this in mind that this tutorial has been written to help you design a better blog. Sometimes Blogger attribution appears in unwanted areas like in header section or above posts on your template when you use a third party template for your blog. So it needs to be removed from that area to give your blog a beautiful look. Once you remove it from the unwanted area, make it sure that you add an attribution link to Blogger in any suited section. Both ethic and copyright demand it.
Well I hope that you have read the above message. So if “Powered By Blogger” attribution link is appearing on any unwanted section of your Blogger blog’s template, this extremely simple tutorial will help you in removing, hiding or deleting it. To delete the “Powered By Blogger” attribution link, follow below steps.

How to Remove “Powered by Blogger” Link

1. Sign in to Blogger dashboard and select your blog
2. In blog’s dashboard, go to template section and edit HTML of your template (View screenshot here)
3. Check the box saying Expand Widget Templates at left top corner of HTML editor as shown in above screenshot
4. Press Ctrl+F and find below piece of code
5. Replace the value “true” with “false” and save your template
6. Now go to Layout section of your template (view screenshot here). You will find attribution gadget there
7. Edit attribution gadget and remove it
8. Save arrangement
You are all done!! But please make it sure that you add  an attribution link in a suited place on your template as you see it on footer of this blog. We hope that you will credit Blogger for its great service. Thank you for your understanding.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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    1. I haven’t removed it as I’m crediting Blogger for its great service 🙂 and I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article that why it is necessary to keep the Blogger attribution. I hope you understand.

  1. Thanks for sharing such a useful information. I was searching for how to remove powered by blogger from the blogspot and found your article. It helped me a lot in removing that on my blog Again thanks and i also recommend others to follow these steps to easily remove powered by blogger from your blog.

  2. Thanks brother for presenting such a nice steps to remove powered by blogger. Thanks

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