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XML Sitemap for Blogger Blogs-How to Generate and Add XML Sitemap?

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Some of our visitors have reported that they lost their blog traffic after adding this sitemap so try this on your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss if something goes wrong.

An XML, also called Google sitemap, is necessary for a blog or website which helps search engine crawlers to crawl and index content on your blog easily. Blogger blogs with .blogspot sub-domains contain an xml sitemap on them which is generated automatically and kept updated with your latest content. The sitemap of blogs with .blogspot sub-domain can be accessed at and you can submit it directly to Google Webmaster Tools or anywhere else, but when you add your custom domain to your Blogger blog, the xml sitemap couldn’t be accessed anymore and thus you need to manually configure XML/Google sitemap for your Blogger blog. To do so, follow below simple steps:

1. Visit and generate XML sitemap for your Blogger blog by entering your blog URL there
2. After the generator generates sitemap for your blog, copy the generated text from the box
3. Now go to Blogger dashboard, select your blog and then go to Search Preference section in Settings
4. In search preference, select Yes in front of Enable custom robots.txt content? and paste the sitemap content in the box which you have generated in first step
5. After pasting the content, Save changes.Β 

You are all done! Now whenever Google will crawl your blog, it will first look robots.txt file on your blog as it always do and then will crawl your entire blog. This XML sitemap doesn’t need to be submitted in Google Webmaster Tools also and you don’t need to update it after you generate and add it to your blog. All latest posts are fetched via atom.xml on your blog and your latest content is automatically suggested to Google bot. Thus your blog content will get indexed easily. Enjoy!

Additional: You can also use this free XML Sitemap Generator for sitemap generation.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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83 Replies to “XML Sitemap for Blogger Blogs-How to Generate and Add…”

  1. Thanks for sharing this tip, it has helped me a great deal.
    likewise, thanks for all the time and effort that you put into helping others with their blogs.


  2. Hello.. My blog is- . But when i put this to xml sitemap for blogger and generate. It says “Sorry but the tool could not generate a sitemap for your blog. Make sure you have entered a valid URL.” Please help me…

    1. Hi Abrar, as you aren’t using your custom domain, so you don’t need to generate any sitemap. Blogger itself generates XML sitemap for your all posts. It can be accessed at

      Submit anywhere including in Google Webmaster Tools.

    2. Thank you so much for replying. I have submitted the sitemap in google webmaster tools. But an error occured, says ” We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit.

      General HTTP error: 404 not found
      HTTP Error: 404″

      I think I have to generate sitemap. But it’s not generating as I mentioned earlier. I think because of hypens(opens-your-world). Please guide me…

    3. Thank you so much. It worked. I have just entered the sitemap.xml . But what should I do about the earlier one “” as it says error occured. Can I remove the earlier one?

    4. No Abrar, you don’t need to create it. In Google Webmaster Tools, just enter sitemap.xml

      You don’t need to enter whole URL. It should work.

    1. Currently, XML sitemaps support 500 pages per sitemap. Don’t worry, this sitemap orders the posts according to date of publish, so your latest 500 posts will be included. Older ones must be indexed already, so it doesn’t matter either they are included in the sitemap or not..

  3. dude i submitted sitemap of my blogger blog via that robots.txt file but my blog have stopped indexing in Google search from that day.can you tell me how to fix that problem??

    1. Hi Kamal, check your robots.txt, it should look like below:

      User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /search
      Allow: /


      It is my blog’s robots.txt file. Compare it with your one and see either something needs to be modified or not… You can use Google Webmaster Tools to fetch your main URL. If it blocked by robots.txt or any meta tag, then Google will inform you about it… BTW can you post URL of your blog?

  4. Hi,

    When i am follow your step to add sitemap.xml in my blog ,Afetr save Show an massage (Warning! Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines.) it’s any threat or not . Confirm me ?


    1. Hey Arun, Blogger just warns as robots.txt is looked up by search engines, but don’t worry about above script as it is valid one and will never result any fault. So use it to generate sitemap for your blog.

  5. Hi.
    I have followed these instructions regarding the robots.txt and also submitted a sitemap for my blog through Google Webmaster Tools.

    Do you think that using two sitemaps will create any issues?
    If yes, which one shold I keep?

    My blog is


    1. Hi toneless, as you are using your own domain, then there will be only sitemap which you have generated through above discussed procedure. So there is nothing to get worry about.

  6. this is very helpful as i just recently change my blogspot into my own domain…. hope i get positive result… πŸ™‚ tnx

  7. tnx rehmat. but i just have one question. will this take effect as soon as I finished saving the changes or will this take some time…
    i mean….

    because my scenario is this. when i was using, as soon as i post a new article, immediately i can see it in google search engine first page. . .

    but now that i am using it is no longer that way. what can you suggest? thank you for your support..

    1. The indexing of your content and its ranking in SERPs depend on the backlinks. When you switch to your custom domain, the previous backlinks from .blogspot sub-domain are redirected to the new one, so the SERP ranking shouldn’t be affected. If indexing is taking long, fetch the URL of your post after publishing from Google Webmaster Tools and update your blog regularly. When content will be added on regular basis, search engine crawlers will find fresh content and they will visit your blog more frequently. As a result, your content will get indexed quickly.

  8. Thanks Rehmat! So in time google will index all my posts and I don’t need to create other sitemap.
    Can I see/check this new sitemap?
    Is there some link to see it?

    I thinking to add HTML sitemap to my navigation bar. Does HTML sitemap help google indexing?

    Best regards!

  9. Thanx,good help but what to do if i have enabled robot.exe with google mediapartners.Can i also include my sitemap with that.

  10. Don’t use site map given above for blogger.It will only result in your site being ignored by Google and ur ranking will suffer. I have used it and found that my site page views had gone down to a record low.

    1. Hey Rohit,
      It simply lists your latest posts and included them in sitemap. There is nothing complicated which could result drop in ranking. BTW anyone else has such issue? Please share, I’ll look into it..

      1. I usually get 1000+ visits on my site in 24 hours,
        Now in last 10 hours,I only got 23 visits..all traffic gone,I am like dead,you cheated dude,Rohit is right.

  11. dude remove that article,all my friends used it and lost traffic in a midnight..they all are angry as hell and talking about disabling your adsense.,please remove this article
    I anyway lost all my traffic..credits to you

    1. Hey alan, I am extremely sorry if the sitemap resulted in traffic loss. I was using the same when I was on Blogger. I never cheat with my blog visitors and I am sorry once again if you lost your traffic. BTW I’ll remove the article.

      1. please remove it,googlebot is getting lost i think with this sitemap,so its better to save people from losing their hard earned traffic

        1. Hi Alan, if your traffic hasn’t restored, please disable robots.txt. Then go to Google Webmaster Tools, and fetch your blog’s main URL. After that, submit the URL with all linked pages. Everything will get back as previous.

  12. Follow This Steps To Get Blogger Site Map:-

    (1). Goto and Sing In with Your Exiting Account

    (2). And Select any Blog “When You Want To Submit This Sitemap”

    (3). Click To Page Tab And Create New Blank Page

    (4). After Creating blank Page, Click To “HTML”

    (5). and “Sitemap” in the post title

    (6). Copy & Paste The Below Code “according to Upper Image”

    NOTE- Replace With Your Blog name

    (7).Click To “Publish” button.

    Now Wait 3-4 days for When Search Engine Comes in your Blog it’s automatically Start Indexing Your Original Content’s.

    read more here:-

      1. Hi Kathleen, I was using the same sitemap for my own blog too… I never had any issue. Don’t know what happened with Alan and Rohit’s blogs πŸ™

  13. I have one question. I followed your steps but also submitted the same sitemap url (by generating sitemap from the site you mentioned) to google webmasters tool. So, i have enabled robots.txt as you have discussed as well as added the sitemap url to webmaster tools and now in webmasters it is showing 38 urls submitted. So doing both will prevent my site from being indexed or it is not a big problem?

    1. Hi Pratik, using two sitemap’s shouldn’t impact your site negatively. But remember one thing, if your blog/site has 500+ posts, then modify the value in robots.txt accordingly or don’t use the sitemap..

  14. Hello in july I used this site and created a sitemap and followed the instructions to a t. Today I went to google webtools to submit a sit map and all I get is the 404 can not be found error. I created a new site map today and same thing. The instructions for creating the sitemap was were fine, and everything was the same step by step and I successfully created a sitemap and added it via search preferences (just like last time) to the robots crawl etc. However in google webmaster tools it still not recagnizing it. I tried with the full url, I tried with the url and rss.xml, I tried with the full url plus rss.xml, I tried with the full url and plus sitemap.xml, I tried by just putting the sitemap.xml by itself in the box and all the same results the 404 error. So my questions are

    1) Was the sitemap that was created actually doing anything?

    2) Is there a way for me to test that it is a functioning sitemap If I go by googles webmaster tools it seems that it is not, but I also read on here that you do not need to the add a sitemap via google webmaster tools.

    3) Is there a reason why the google webmaster tools is not recognizing it?

    Thanks so much for your help this is making me want to move to WordPress they have a plugin haha.

    1. Hi Ali, submit this URL as sitemap. It should work fine. /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1
      Regarding with moving to WordPress, it will be a good decision if you take. WordPress is powerful and makes every task easier including SEO, social sharing and much more.. If you need help in moving to WordPress, I can offer my service for free πŸ™‚

  15. Hey Rehmat.
    you did great job by doing this .
    this process is very easy and this is very nice information for beginners

    1. Because each time Google crawls your blog, it first looks over robots.txt, from there, Google bots will follow your sitemap automatically, so it isn’t necessary to submit the sitemap to GWT.

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