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6 Don’ts Which Delay Growth of Your Blog

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6 Don’ts Which Really Delay Growth of Blogs

When I started my first blog in 2006, I badly failed. Now I think that my failure wasn’t a big loss as it taught me many helpful things. In my next attempt in 2012, I decided to avoid these bad practices and as a result, I got much better results in a shorter time. I am sharing some bad and fruitless practices with you which will never give you any good result, but yes they will waste your precious time and delay your blogging success which can be achieved sooner if the time is properly utilized.

1# Never Compare You with Other Bloggers
The biggest mistake, which I committed as a newbie, was that I compared my blog with that of others and kept changing my ideas and strategies frequently. This wasted a lot of time of mine and I failed to get good results with blogging. When I used to visit any blog and its stats (traffic and ranking) impressed me unluckily, then I tried to follow the strategies of that blog. I am saying “unluckily” because it caused my failure. In such a way, I kept wandering here and there and never succeeded by temporarily following the strategies of other blogs. I was expecting good results in a shorter time but was unaware about the fact that I am making the blogging success journey the longest for me. I later came to know that the blogs which impressed me were never born like they are now and hard work of their owners has achieved success for them.

2# Don’t Waste Much Time in Decorating Your Blog

Yes, another big bad practices, which bloggers perform, is that they waste their hours in changing their blog layout, adding widgets, plugins and styling their blog. I also committed this mistake several times. It happens when you visit blogs and like the design there. But never do this. Choose a good design for your blog once, customize it and then spend your all efforts to develop it. Have a look over design of successful blogs and websites. You will come to know that they never change their design frequently. If they occasionally do, still is purposeful.

3# Forget about Stats of Your Blog

Frequently checking blog stats including visitors, page views, Alexa ranking, SERP ranking and PR etc. wastes a lot of time which can develop your blog well if utilized properly. Yes all bloggers are interested in seeing good stats for their blogs but tell me, does checking stats increase your blog performance? Not at all, if you want to see better stats for your blog, utilize your efforts in developing it.

4# Don’t Waste Your Time in Spamming Other Blogs

Most new bloggers waste their time in leaving spam comments on other blogs. Their first intention is to get a backlink from their comment. This is the only thing which I never attempted, but most other bloggers do. Yes blog commenting is one of the best strategies to build links but do it properly. Leave valuable comments on CommentLuv enabled do-follow blogs.

5# Don’t Be Over-Social

Facebook and other social networks are both enemies and the best friends of bloggers. If you spend most of your time on these social networks, then you are committing a big mistake. Yes make relations with other fellow bloggers and your visitors, but do this in a proper way. i.e. specify a specific time for expanding your social circle and don’t waste hours on this.

6# Don’t Spend Much Time Reading Your Own Blog Posts

I committed this blunder and wasted a lot of time of mine. I am sure that most of you also do this. Reading your own post once after publishing it is a good practice as it will confirm that your post doesn’t contain any grammatical, spelling and structural error. But frequent browsing of your own blog will waste your time. So never keep browsing your blog all the time, instead utilize your time in building it up!

So what is your opinion about these bad habits of bloggers? How many of these bad practices do you commit? Never forget to leave a response and share any other bad practice also which you have found out as time wasting. Thank you!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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