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Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger to WordPress Migration

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WordPress has become an astonishing and the most popular blogging platform which provides uncountable features to make blogging the easiest and productive. Blogger is the biggest competitor of WordPress which is also used by numerous bloggers across the globe. Where WordPress has millions of fans, a huge number of bloggers still say that Blogger is better than WordPress. It is also a fact that a considerable number of bloggers switch to WordPress each day. We will discuss some advantages of migrating blog from Blogger to WordPress either it is good to move your blog or not.

Advantages of Moving Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

Firstly, we will discuss why your blog’s migration from Blogger to WordPress is advantageous.
WordPress Provides Better Interactivity Between You and Your Audience
Blogging success is all about interactivity between the blogger and audience. When you are appreciated by your audience, then you enjoy your blogging and thus you do it better. WordPress is best at providing a better interaction between you and your audience and Blogger is a little bit poor. Comment section on your blog provides you the opportunity to interact and understand your audience. When you will analyze the blogs on two CMSs, then you will come to know that WordPress blogs receive much more comments than Blogger blogs and Blogger blogs don’t. Plugins at WordPress inform commenters when they receive a new replyto their comment, so it makes sure that they visit the blog again. In this way, visitors are kept engaged on your blog if it is on WordPress.
Availability of Plentiful Themes Make Your Blog Beautiful: Yes, blog design is an important factor which either makes the audience happy or gloomy. There is a huge number of themes available for WordPress which help you in building a very beautiful blog. This diversity is decreased on Blogger platform.
WordPress Plugins Enhance Functionality of Your Blog: Another advantage of WordPress is that its functionality can be boosted by installing plugins. You can search for plugins according to your need and can automate the processes. Blogger fails in competing WordPress for this reason also.
WordPress Makes Guest Blogging Easy: If you are accepting guest posts on your blog, then it requires efforts to manage. It is hard to accept guest posts if you are on Blogger. WordPress makes it easy with the help of plugins and its inbuilt features.
WordPress Blogs are Easy to Rank: Although it doesn’t matter in SEO that either your blog is on WordPress or Blogger, still WordPress blogs are easy to get ranked. This is because of availability of SEO plugins which help even newbies to optimize their blogs for search engines easily without learning much about SEO.
Diverse Content Support: With a Blogger blog, you are restricted to upload specific file types while WordPress allows you to upload and share any media right on your blog. Blogger offers limited features for its subscribers while with your own hosting with WordPress, you have access to everything.
These were some advantages which you can avail on migrating your blog from Blogger to WordPress. Now lets discuss, why the move may prove disadvantageous.

Disadvantages of Moving Blog from Blogger to WordPress

You Loss a Brilliant Host on Migration: Your Blogger blog is hosted by great Google which provides a dedicated quality hosting for free and you will loss this brilliant host on migrating your blog from Blogger to WordPress. If you don’t select a good host for your WordPress blog before moving it, then you may face several difficulties.
You May Loss Traffic and Ranking of Your Blog: Yes, several bloggers face this. If you move your blog from Blogger to WordPress incorrectly, then you may loss its ranking and traffic. Learn here, how to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress without losing traffic and SEO.Your Blog Design May Alter: Blogs are hard to decorate and their design may alter badly upon moving from Blogger to WordPress. The situation gets more complicated, when you were using widgets in posts on your Blogger blog. For example if you are using any widget for displaying codes in a box on your blog (as I do), then all codes will scatter when you move to WordPress.

Risk of Getting Hacked Increases: Your Blogger blog is extremely safe against hacking risks as compared to WordPress blogs. Your small ignorance like a malicious theme, plugin or any other media upload can create a hole in your Blog security through which it can be accessed and hacked by hackers. Your Blogger blog can’t get hacked till your Google account password is stolen.
WordPress is More Vulnerable to Spam: The first thing, which you will observe soon after moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress is that the spam attack will increase in form of both spam traffic and spam comments. You will notice spam registration and log in attempts also. This is another disadvantages of having a blog on WordPress platform.
WordPress is Known for Technical Issues: WordPress is known for technical issues while a Blogger blog always runs smoothly. A less experienced user may face difficulties to run a blog on WordPress.
You Need to Pay for Your WordPress Blog: The last disadvantage is that you need to invest a good amount in your blog if it is on WordPress. The investment is increased dramatically with a dedicated or VPS host and cheaper shared hosts don’t perform good.
So this was a comparison between advantages of moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress. Hope you learned a bit from this.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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