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Optimize Blogger Blog Well for Search Engines Without Any SEO Plugin

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Is There Any SEO Plugin or Widget for Blogger?

Your question will be answered with a big NO by all bloggers and webmasters, but I am sharing some most important and functional tips with you which will boost search engine optimization of your Blogger blog. Every blogger, who runs a blog on Blogger, must follow these tips and MUST apply these tricks on their Blogger blog to optimize it well for search engines.

What WordPress SEO Plugins Do?

WordPress SEO plugins allow users to optimize their blog well for search engines. The most basic and important actions, which these SEO plugins can do, are setting up meta description for posts and pages, title rewriting and custom permalink setup. These factors play a crucial role in SEO of a blog. By default, Blogger blogs are not well prepared for search engines. You can perform the below actions to get everything perfect for your Blogger blog’s SEO like that of WordPress blogs.

1.The Most Basic, Enable Meta Description

When you create a new blog on Blogger, this setting is turned off by default and thus you will be unable to set a meta description for your blog posts. To enable meta description for posts and pages, turn on this feature from your blog’s dashboard. After you enable the meta description, a box will appear in post editor of your Blogger blog allowing you to set meta description for your all posts. To enable meta description for your posts, follow below steps:
1. Login to your Blogger dashboard
2. Select your blog
3. In your blog’s dashboard, scroll down to Settings, then select Search preferences and then Edit the description as mentioned in below screenshot
4. After clicking on Edit link in front of Description, you will see that Enable search description option is set to No. Select Yes to enable meta description
5. In the appeared box, write default description for your blog and then save the changes you made


Now Meta Description is Enabled for Your Blogger Blog Posts and You Can Write Meta Description for All Blog Posts in Editor While You Compose the Post!!!  Lets Proceed to Next and Important Step.

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Second and Important Step in Optimizing Your Blogger Blog for Search Engines

In this step, you will learn to modify the title of your posts and pages for search engines which play crucial role in SEO of your blog. By default, blog title or name is displayed before post titles in Blogger which gives you a poorer SEO. By following the below steps, you will remove your blog title from post titles which will boost your blog’s SEO dramatically by eliminating unnecessary and repeating keywords of your blog title from posts. To make it working, follow the below steps.
1. Download a backup of your blog’s template and then edit its HTML. It will give you a chance to restore your template again in case something goes wrong with editing
2. Find </b> in your template code by pressing <b>Ctrl+F </b>and replace <b><title><data:blog.pageTitle/ with the below code and Save your template.


<data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/>

Now your blog title will appear only for homepage and all posts will show their own title. Your blog’s title will never attach itself to your post titles anymore!!

Final Tip-Set Custom Permalink for Each Post While Composing

While writing your posts, always set the custom permalink for it. Don’t leave the auto-generated permalink for your posts. You can set permalink for your posts and pages from sidebar of editor while writing the post. Write your main keywords to set the permalink. Don’t make it too lengthy also, try making it shorter by writing important keywords only. Always remember!!!! Keywords in URLs really make a difference. If you publish your post without setting the permalink mistakenly, edit it instantly before it gets indexed, revert it to draft, set permalink and then publish again.
Write a unique and good meta description with keywords for your posts also. Use keywords in your meta description and also make it appealing for visitors so they will click on it in search results.
Bingo!!!! Now you have optimized your Blogger blog well for search engines without assistance of any SEO plugin. Write GOOD titles with keywords for your posts and set GOOD meta descriptions for all posts. You will get the best SEO for your Blogger blog. Best of luck!!
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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    1. Hi Daniel, permalink is the URL of your post/page. For example when you write a new post, a unique URL is generated for it. i.e.

      ‘your-post.html’ is the permalink. You can edit it before publishing the post in post editor. Make it short by using only main keyword/keywords. It will give you a very good SEO.

  1. Dear sir,
    after I applied your seperate title of blog posts html .
    the blogger template puts many a lot errors.
    After I have completed the requirement of all errrors the last error is “head should not appear inside of body”

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just found your article which is very useful . Thank you for sharing!
    I don’t understand the “title” part.. Where you have to replace the code.. Why? And where do you put your blog’s title? In “meta name” ?
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Irene, title by default in Blogger shows Blog title first and then post title is displayed in title bar of your browser. This title is shown by search engines also and it plays important role in ranking your blog posts.

      Once you replace the code with my provided code, the post title will start appearing first and it will improve your blog’s SEO. I hope it works.

  3. Hi Rehmat,

    Great post! Thanks for sharing the info.

    I noticed the code in Step 2 is not visible anymore (I can see Google Ad instead.) Is it possible for you to reload it? Or paste in comments?

    Thank you in advance.


  4. Very use full information but you did not tell how to write effective description in meta tags , please correct it, and codes are not here
    visist and read about the story of famous Hacker who was able to hack even ATm Of banks. read more in blog.

  5. Hi,Rehmat..I’ve created this blog
    but it has been rejected because of insufficient content.Can u tell me how much more content is required?

    1. Hi Shezi, you need to improve your blog:
      1. Add a navigation menu
      2. Add a privacy policy page
      3. Increase posts. Currently, you have just one post. Apply after writing at least 30 posts. Posts length is good. Keep the length of posts 500 words+ in upcoming posts
      4. Build internal linking from beginning. Link similar posts from one to another.

      After following above suggestions, apply for AdSense after a month or two, you will hopefully get it.

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