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Importance of Custom Domain for Blogger Blogs

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Why a Custom Domain is Important for Blogger Blogs

Blogger will allow you to create a free blog using its free sub-domains with extension and will also give you free reliable hosting for your blog. It is a fact that Blogger is superior than all paid shared web hosts and even better than several dedicated hosts at which servers go down due to their low competency for high traffic flow. But Blogger’s robust and very powerful servers handle tons of traffic without any issue. You will find Blogger very cool for your blog but you must keep this in mind that Your Blogger Blog May Be Deleted at Any Time!! Sometimes, you may violate any of TOS of Blogger knowingly or unknowingly and as a result, your blog will be deleted. If the deleted blog was with a free blogspot sub-domain, then the blog owner loses each and everything in such a tragedy. You will unable to get back your blog again because Google can’t hear and answer all the requests. The one and only precautionary measure, which you can take, is using a custom domain for your Blogger blog and regular backups of your content which will prove as a lifesaver in such a situation in which your Blogger blog is deleted. The benefits and importance of a custom domain for Blogger blogs are elaborated below.

Custom Domain Will Save Your Blogger Blog

If you are a passionate blogger and working hard to get your blog succeeded, then you will never even imagine to loss it in any case, but Blogger is unpredictable. It is very beneficent and cruel at the same time and will punish you hard whenever you will violate its TOS. Sometimes, something goes wrong without your will and as a result, Blogger may delete your blog. In such a case, if your blog was on .blogspot free domain, then you will lose all traffic and content also in case of not having any backup of your blog. But if you were using your custom domain and were punctual in downloading the backups, then there is nothing to worry about. You can create another blog on Blogger and can upload your blog again after redirecting your domain to newly created blog.

Use Your Custom Domain With a Paid Hosting

Yet another option is also there. You can buy your own hosting, can install WordPress on it and then can import your Blogger blog on your new hosting to get back everything as it was previously there on Blogger. By doing this, you can protect your hard efforts which are otherwise unpredictable to stay safe with Blogger.

Custom Domain Will Preserve Your Blog’s Ranking

Your blog ranks on URLs and search engine ranking is very hard to achieve. It is really tragic to see your extensive hard work being vanished in front of your eyes within seconds when your Blogger blog is deleted. But if you use a custom domain for your Blogger blog from its earliest age, then all backlinks will be built under it and later, your blog will preserve its ranking in case Blogger deletes it. You can continue your blogging from the same position even after your blog’s deletion.

Custom Domain Makes Your Blog Professional

You surely run your Blogger blog for generating revenue from it, but all affiliate programs don’t accept blogs with free domains in their program. Direct advertisers also go for blogs and websites with professional design and domains. It doesn’t matter how successful your blog is, but your free domain really decreases its value. Secondly, it is hazardous as we discussed earlier. Your custom domain will make it safe and will give it a professional look resulting in better success.
So why you shouldn’t use a custom domain for your Blogger blog? It doesn’t cost high and you will only need to pay around $10/year for it. So don’t ignore the danger and take this important step instantly to protect your Blogger blog by registering your own domain. You can setup a custom domain for your Blogger blog within a few minutes. There are enormous articles on the web to help you out in setting up your custom domain for Blogger. You can find help from Google also. Read here, how to use your own domain for Blogger blog. If you need any help in setting up your custom domain on Blogger, you can contact us or can comment on this post. We will help you for free.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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19 Replies to “Importance of Custom Domain for Blogger Blogs”

  1. You can create another blog on Blogger and can upload your blog again after redirecting your domain to newly created blog.

    This was the solution I was looking for on the whole internet!!!!

    Thank you!

  2. Hello bhaijaan, I’m again here, read my first comment. well, I’m asking this again, if I’ve back up of my custom blogger, then if blogger deletes my blog due to copyright/DMCA then I make a new blog on blogger and re-direct the custom domain, then the indexing of new posts will be slower? also the posts in google search (which was posted on deleted blog) will lead to the new blog? Also there won’t be duplicate content in the eyes of google! So, it doesn’t matter, if google keeps deleting your blog, you just need a custom domain and regular back ups? Also I left you a message on your FB page! please reply to that.

    1. Hey Arnav,
      When Google deletes your old blog, then you lost some quality backlinks which results in your blog’s ranking drop. Due to loss of backlinks, your content may get indexed lately.. Regarding with “duplicate content”, your old blogspot blog is deleted and isn’t kept indexed, so your blog doesn’t face any duplicate content issue.

      You talked about repeated deletion by Google. If it happens on regular basis, then you should figure out the violation and should avoid it. Otherwise Google may not accept your domain on Blogger..

  3. Hi,
    This is a very informative post.I am curious about some facts.
    Currently I have a food blog with blogspot and it ranks well in search engines for most recipe posts.Now I need to upgrade to my own domain.Because I am familiar with blogger for 2 years,thought of getting a custom domain through blogger.
    Pls help with these doubts.
    1)Do I loose the traffic or search engine visibility after upgrading? (sudden drop for few days is ok,but I am worried of building the new site from the beginning.I have spent so much time on it for this 2 years πŸ™‚ )

    2)Do I loose existing posts/images when I do upgrading?

    Hope you will answer me.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Amy, thank you for writing in
      Regarding with your queries, you will not lose any SERP ranking for the upgrade nor your image links will break. Everything will continue to work as it was before but yes, your blog will look more professional and will be more secure πŸ™‚
      Unfortunately, you can’t purchase domains directly from Blogger anymore. I would suggest you to buy a domain through namecheap. Currently, they are offering domains for just $0.98 for the first year. Read more here: NameCheap $0.98 domains

      If you need any help in setting up the domain, you can ask me anytime.

  4. @Rehmat,

    * First of all thanks a lot for this informative post :). Can you please resolve mine ? . I have a blog started before 2 months, all my search results appearing in google starting from 2nd page onwards . Is that if i get a domain name say .com for my blog ,my google page rank will increase ? Some say like having domain name will increase page rank in search result.. Is that True ?

    * Waiting for your kind reply

    1. Hey Arun, that’s not true. A custom domain will not rank you higher in SERPs, but yet, it will give you more authority over your blog and it will look more professional.

  5. Very interesting and informative site to help those, who need help to set up their Custom Domain.

    I remember I wrote comment before too, but I don’t see here. Again I am back to write another comment and hope for that I can see it here.
    As you said in the content that Custom domain is more safe and genuine, as well as looks professional. I believe it because I already set up domain for my blog and very happy by its look.


    1. Hi Jaswinder, thank you for writing again. Currently, I lost over 700+ pending comments due to some technical issues. I’m sorry for that. It seems your one also got deleted during that. Yes custom domain is extremely important for Blogger blogs. In addition to several other benefits, along with backups, it ensures that you can get your blog back if Google deletes it.

  6. hi Again , i have changed my blogger domain to custom but unfornately from 3 days ,the traffic goes down to more than 90 % , i had 3500 pageviews daily but now only 200 pageviews.I removed my old domain from webmaster tools and then i add new custom domain ,and resubmit sitemap..Is there any mistake made by me?? .. I have also checked my cname alias record and check all redirects , all are correct and properly working..but now i am unable to find any solution for this.. Some other website and blogs has also copied my content..

    1. Hi Mohammad,
      There isn’t anything wrong committed by you. But yes, it isn’t important to remove the old domain from WMT. Wait for a day or two and see if the traffic is restored.

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