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Google’s PR Update 2013, What Will Happen With Your Site?

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Google’s PR Updates in 2013, What are Your Expectations?

google's pr updates in 2013
2012 is passed. Google  released an update of PR for different websites a few months before the arrival of 2013. Recently, Google sent out a Panda Update. Most SEO experts believe that the recent Panda update from Google has devalued the backlinks which were counting the most valuable factors for ranking a website before. If it is true, then what is your next strategy to get a better rank in the first PR update of 2013? Yes content building is always important, but else should be done in according to Google’s new algorithm if it has really devalued the inbound links? It is a big question, which is being discussed in several forums among the webmasters community.
Till now, backlinks count most valuable for your website’s good rank if they are from relevant and high PR webpages. The first strategy of every webmaster is to build the backlinks. Most webmasters have been seen that they prefer backlinks over the content of their websites. They don’t consider their website’s content quality but tend to build links instead. Mostly, they succeed to get a good PR. The mission of such webmasters is not to run a blog or website for long time but they sell the domains and websites after building their PR. To fight against such type of activities from webmasters, Google may bring any big change in its algorithm. If it happens, then the entire SEO will change once again and there is a possibility of any big surprise from Google in 2013.

Google’s PR Update Schedule for 2013

Although this schedule is not released by Google officially, still it may prove to be true as Google is consistent on its PR updates. A pre-defined schedule of PR updates in 2013 is given below.
  1. 1st PR Update may be on January 28 to February5
  2. 2nd update is thought to be on June 28 to July6
  3. 3rd PR Update may be on September 29 to 5 October
  4. And the 4th and last PR Update of 2013 may be on 25 December to 29 December 
If you believe that you haven’t done enough SEO for you website, you got some more days now. Go for building more quality content and build backlinks also, as Google has not yet officially declared the backlinks as valueless. Best of luck for your website’s PR updates in 2013!
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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