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Free Contact Form Widget for Blogger With Unlimited Submissions

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Blogger doesn’t offer you any contact form for your blog but contact forms are an important part of blogs and websites to provide convenience to the visitors. Every blogger wants to get feedback from his/her blog visitors. Sometimes visitors have queries which they need to be answered from you. Although you can mention your email address and other contact details on your blog but a built-in contact form makes this task very convenient for your visitors. I have brought a very handy PHP contact form with unlimited submissions which you can integrate on your Blogger blog for free to get quick submissions from your visitors. This contact form is provided by FoxyForms which provides free contact forms with unlimited monthly submissions. The form is highly customizable and very easy to put on your blog page. It doesn’t require any registration even, so you can generate and setup the form on your blog within a minute.

Features of Foxy Contact Form

Foxy Contact Form is great for Blogger blogs where there are little options for bloggers running their blogs on Blogger. This form allows unlimited submissions from your visitors, so you can get limitless messages. Other free contact forms allow limited submissions per month and they don’t function once the limit is reached. Additionally, Foxy Contact Form is greatly customizable. You can define width for your contact form, can customize font color, style and sizes, input fields and can also define that which field is mandatory to be filled and which one is optional. Last but not least, the form sends the submissions without refreshing the page on your blog when someone submits a message and the captcha text on the form makes it sure that you are protected from spam submissions.

How to Add Foxy Contact Form to Your Blogger Blog 

2. Configure general options for your contact form in “Settings”
3. Customize background color, font color, font size and font style in advance settings (Optional)
4. Provide your regular email address in “Target Email Address” field. Submissions from your visitors will be mailed to this email address. So provide an active email address here which you regularly check. All these steps are on the single page, so you can customize them within seconds

5. Click on green button saying “Create Formular” to get embed code for your contact form. You will be taken to another page and a code will appear as below


6. Copy the code and now go to your Blogger dashboard
7. Select your blog and create a new page for it
8. Switch to HTML in editor and paste the code
9. Save your page. You are all done!!!
Everything should go perfect and the contact form should be up and running on your blog within a few minutes. But if you still face any difficulty, you can comment below.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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15 Replies to “Free Contact Form Widget for Blogger With Unlimited Submissions”

  1. Beautiful Rehmat, done that, result is amazing. Earlier I used google drive code which sent the msgs to goog drive account now I can recieve in my mail directly and I was able to customize colours as well

    Please continue posting such good tutorials.
    Can Widget title be unlocked and edited to give it marquee or blinking style.

  2. How do I remove the pointless scrollbar? Other than the scrollbar the form is wonderful! 🙂

  3. Hey I also have scroll bars on my form. My website is beatstockpromotersdotcom/contact

    1. Hey Dave, you need to increase the height of iframe.. Make it 100%. Do you use your own hosting? Then a contact form with PHP handler/processor on your own server will do better.

  4. Hi, just used it and i love it! Keep up the good work, um learning a lot and my blog is grateful unto you 🙂

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