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Blogging Under Online Earning Niche

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Is it Worthy to Create a Blog Under “Online Money Making” Niche?

online-niche-broken-in-bloggingNiche or the subject of your blog is everything which decides either you get success in blogging or not. Before creating a blog, bloggers search for some popular subjects which would bring heavy traffic to their blogs. “Online Money Making” is one of the most popular topics which is searched by millions of people on the search engines per day. Due to this fact, a majority of new bloggers choose this niche for their blog, without knowing that they are starting with a junk topic indeed which will never earn success for them.

Why Bloggers Shouldn’t Choose “Online Money Making” as Their Blog Niche?

Success in blogging is all about how your blog ranks in search results for particular keywords. When you are going to start a blog on Online Money Making, your blog will almost lost in a huge crowd where there are already millions of websites on the web under this niche. It is extremely difficult to rank your blog for the keyword “Online Earning” or “Online Money Making” and you may fail after putting hard work of several months and even years. So it isn’t worthy for a new blogger to go with this niche. Following reasons will also make you realize that Online Money Making may never give you success in blogging anymore.

People Need Useful Information from Reliable Sources

It is always said that “QUALITY” content is the king which guarantees your success in blogging. If you are new in blogging and then it is almost confirmed that you are also new to Online Earning. You are starting your blog to earn for you indeed. It means that you don’t know a lot about Online Earning and so you can’t provide useful information on your blog. For instance we admit that you have some useful information about Online Earning, still it is extremely difficult to bring people to your blog. The reason is explained in the next point.

Information from Successful People is Valuable

People want to know the success story of other successful people always and in case of Online Earning, information from those bloggers is valuable only who are already earning good from their blog and other online efforts. So when you are talking about Online Earning but don’t earn even a cent by your own, then how can you say that your content will motivate others? I am attached with blogging for a past few years and earn good through AdSense on my Blogger blog but still I can’t get ranked in this niche. Several times I published articles on online earning but noticed that they completely lost in the crowd and didn’t prefer even a single visitor from search engines. After that I decided to share my knowledge with fellow bloggers that this article may help them saving their precious time by suggesting them not to select a junk niche for their blog.

Blogging Success is All About Popularity in The Niche

Think about SEOMoz, why the website is so popular in the niche of SEO? The answer is simple, the website was started when there was a little competition in the niche and then SEOMoz started providing quality and unique stuff which really helped people. By the passage of time, more and more people found it useful and started citing the service on their websites and blogs which blessed SEOMoz with a brilliant success which we observe today. But now if anyone would like to start a blog on SEO, then it will get very difficult to rank it due to the availability of tons of content there on the web.

So What to Do?

If you are a new blogger then you shouldn’t go for high-competitive niches. It is possible that you may not be able to get enough success even after putting your hard work of several months and years in your blog. The first rule in blogging is that you should start a blog on a subject about which you know a lot. But you need to consider yet another thing also which is ignored by most bloggers when they start their blog. First of all, list your interests and then select the one which has the least competition. It will give you better results. Best of luck!
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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