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CommentLuv for Blogger Blogs-How to Install?

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CommentLuv for Blogger

If you love blogging, then you surely love CommentLuv. Think about yourself, why you love to visit CommentLuv enabled blogs and why you participate the discussion there? The answer is very simple. You love CommentLuv because it rewards you. And the reward is free quality backlinks from the website or blog at which you leave your comments.

CommentLuv was basically programmed for WordPress blogs but thanks to IntenseDebate, you can install this cool plugin on your Blogger blog very easily. If you install CommentLuv on your Blogger blog, it will reward your commenter and your visitors will come again and again by realizing that you care for them and CommentLuv is for caring bloggers.
Installing CommentLuv on Your Blogger Blog
To add CommentLuv on your Blogger blog, you first need to override the default code of your blog comments with IntenseDebate‘s code. By reading the word “override”, don’t be panic, because you don’t need any skill to do it. IntenseDebate will do it itself for you. To make the setup process easy, I am writing the procedure in bullet points. Follow below steps and add the CommentLuv to your Blogger blog in minutes.
-First of all, sign into your Blogger account and navigate to dashboard of your blogs
-Select your blog on which you are willing to install CommentLuv
-In your blog’s dashboard, go down your gadgets in the left bar and select Template
-In the appeared window, look at right corner near top, you will see an option saying Backup/Restore. Download your template from this link.
-Create a copy of the downloaded template of your blog and keep it securely as your template may expose to errors during the setup of CommentLuv. If it happens, then you can restore everything back to the normal state using this copy
-Now go to If you already have a WordPress or IntenseDebate account, just sign in using the details and skip the signup steps
-If you don’t have a WordPress or IntenseDebate account, create the one. While signing up, select the option “I want to install IntenseDebate on my blog or website”


Verify your account by following the instructions mailed you by IntenseDebate. When you will visit the verification link in the email, it will take you back to IntenseDebate and you will be offered to install IntenseDebate on your website or blog

-Proceed by visiting “Continue with your installation” link and provide the URL of your blog in the appeared window and proceed to “Next step
-If you already have an IntenseDebate account and have logged in, then select “Sites” tab in the top navigation and add your blog by choosing “+Add blog/site” option
-Proceed to “Continue with your installation” link (if you are newly registered) or choosing “Add blog/site” (for old users) you will be asked to select your platform. As we are setting up CommentLuv for Blogger, so we will consider Blogger only. It is not necessary that IntenseDebate will always be installed for CommentLuv, no, anyone can replace his/her website or blog’s comment management with IntenseDebate’s fabulous service for free. You are going to getting an awesome comment management also, so continue the setup
-When you will select Blogger as your platform, a new window will appear and you can customize here that either IntenseDebate should handle your upcoming posts or you would like to replace the old data also. If you don’t want to keep your previous comments and want a clean installation of IntenseDebate, select “On all blog posts” and if you would like to enable IntenseDebate and CommentLuv for new posts only, then select “All new posts (Recommended)
-Now scroll down. You will see an option to upload your XML template. Browser the template which you have downloaded earlier and upload it by choosing “Upload file and continue
-Once your template is uploaded, IntenseDebate will override your template’s code and will provide you the new code
-Select all code and copy it. Now go to your Blogger blog’s dashboard again and edit your blog’s template. Edit HTML of your template, press Ctrl+A, select all code and replace it by pasting the modified code which you have copied from IntenseDebate
-Save your template and close the editor
-Now you have successfully installed IntenseDebate on your blog. To enable CommentLuv, visit IntenseDebate, go to “Sites” tab, choose your blog and go to Plugins section in left sidebar. You will find CommentLuv there. Simply install it to enable the plugin on your Blogger blog. You are all done!
Unable to Install InstenseDebate?
Although the installation should succeed without any difficulties. If you still get any errors, you can comment on this thread. We will help you resolving your issue. Remember one more thing here that IntenseDebate doesn’t support the Classic template of Blogger. If you have classic template on your blog, you may get errors.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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20 Replies to “CommentLuv for Blogger Blogs-How to Install?”

  1. This did not work for me even after switching my template from Simple to another template, Awesome Inc.
    Any suggestions?

      1. I did not even get the Intense Debate comments on it. It was not working with the copy-paste step on my tablet so I retried the steps several times on a desktop (to see if the mobile device was giving me the issue) and it still did not work.

        1. You should install IntenseDebate from IntenseDebate’s site by uploading your blog’s template. When IntenseDebate is integrated into your blog template, copy and paste entire code and replace your blog’s entire HTML code by the modified one. Otherwise it may create issues when you will try to add IntenseDebate manually.

  2. I think I found the problem although I don’t know how to fix it since I have no knowledge of writing html code. I tried saving the IntenseDebate HTML into a .txt and then uploaded it where the backup/restore option allows you to upload a file. My error message said “There should be one and only one skin in the template, and you have: 0.”
    How do I fix this?

  3. Hi, I used your steps and they worked perfectly thank you.
    I am not actually happy with the comment luv on my blog anymore, how do I uninstall it if I have posted a post after I installed comment luv (otherwise I would just restore back up?)

    Thank you for your help. your blog is very helpful.

    1. Hey Chene,
      Thank you for appreciation :). To remove CommentLuv, just go to your IntenseDebate account, go to plugin section and disable CommentLuv from there. You can disable or enable it anytime.

  4. Rehmat it gave an error while saving template in blogger and when i fixed those errors (Like error was string “–” is not allowed in that line. then i removed that string) but i still did not see any option like name, Email and website field in the comment section. It was same as the previous one

    1. Hi Anis,
      Have you disabled the default commenting system? It should work perfectly. Sometimes, template’s create issue. Try it for a different template or send your template (XML) to me at admin (at) supportivehands dot net. I will look into it.

  5. hi, i am trying to install intense debate, but after completing all the step and clicking on save, it is not saving the template. I am using simple template.

  6. You, my friend are fabulous! I’ve been trying to install this blasted thing for 2 hours! I read one tutorial on another site a while ago. I even followed the intructions straight from Intense Debate & it seemed none of these made it totally obvious that you needed to, as you said “replace your previous HTML”. So here I am trying to embed the code I was given into my HTML without deleting the existing HTML! I just assumed it was something you copied in there. Didn’t know you actually deleted what was already there because I wasn’t aware that Intense Debate “customized” or fixed it in there to your existing HTML. If I even make sense right now.

    Anyways, I read your instructions and had it instantly! You said “replace your HTML with the code you were just given from Intense Debate,” and that made all the difference in the world for me. I finally understood! LOL. Thank you millions for posting this. 😉 I’d have given up if I didn’t come across your instructions when I did.

  7. I installed commentluv on my blog , it was working fine. I receive mails once comments are done on my blog. But suddenly I find the comments missing. But the history section under intensedebate still shows the comments but they are not appearing on the site.

      1. Hi Rehmat,

        In the recent times I have not changed the template. Comments are getting published but later on vanishing.

        1. Can you post your blog URL? Reinstalling the commenting system may fix the problem if the comments are displayed in IntenseDebate dashboard.

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