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Best Internet/Web Browser 2013-Best Internet Browser Review

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Best Internet/Web Browser 2013

While reviewing the Internet browsers, we will now consider two categories of the browsers. One is the best browser of the world and second is the most popular browser of the world. 2012 is passed and Google’s Chrome dominated the market. It doesn’t mean that Chrome leaded great Mozilla’s Firefox. It is a fact that Mozilla’s Firefox is still the best browser of the world for its great performance. The fact behind Chrome’s popularity is the huge promotion by king Google. You may know that almost 90% of total web traffic passes through Google each day and Chrome is suggested on the front page of Google. Now you might be understood that why Chrome leaded the market in year 2012. But we will look over Mozilla’s Firefox as the best Internet browser of the world for year 2013, that is a fact.

Why Mozilla Firefox May Be the Best Internet/Web Browser for 2013?

The answer to this question is simple. Mozilla’s Firefox comes with the features which other browsers lack. Firefox is the only web browser which has never disappointed its users. The tool is easy to use. Interface is cool. Security is best. Add-on support is great and the most important thing, it allows you to browse the Internet smoothly even on slower networks. These are the most important features which make Firefox the best Internet browser of the world. In my previous review on best web browser of 2012, I took Chrome as the best browser. I did so, because of the popularity of Chrome. Due to the popularity, many websites including TopTenReviews ranked Chrome first, but Firefox was still best and surely will remain the best web browser of the world in the upcoming years.

Features of Mozilla Firefox, Why it is the best browser for 2013

Super Speed
Mozilla’s Firefox is undoubtedly the fastest web browser of the world. Pages load swiftly, images rendered quickly and the scripts including Java script are managed and processed effectively. The superior technology of Firefox gives you the best browsing experience without stumbling even on slower Internet connections.
A Cool User Interface
Only features of the browser aren’t great, its user interface is also very cool. A fresh look and clean organized tools of the browser keep your mood happy. It never makes you bored. Tabs are organized well and it is extremely easy to switch between them. Bookmarking is easy and one touch. All fundamental buttons including the reload, home and other navigational buttons are well arranged. All this makes the interface of Mozilla Firefox very cool.
Syncing Made Easy
Mozilla Firefox has made the syncing of your data free and easy. You can create a free account on Mozilla’s services and can sync your all data including passwords, bookmarks and browsing history with ease and secure. So by doing this, you can access your data anywhere anytime. You don’t need to remember passwords by yourself. You don’t need to have your own computer with you always for accessing your browsed websites, bookmarks and passwords. Just sync them with Firefox and access your data, whenever and wherever you need it.
Password Manager
To remember passwords and usernames is really a tough task. It makes you tired. Thanks to Mozilla Firefox, now you don’t need to remember any password. You can simply ask Firefox to remember your passwords, set a default password, remember only default password and then forget about your all other passwords. The high security management of Firefox makes it sure that your passwords are always stored securely. Additionally, the passwords and usernames can be managed with extreme ease which make the Firefox unique from all other browsers.

Form Complete
Mozilla Firefox can fill your online forms thus makes your online tasks the easiest. Once you tell Firefox about your personal details, after that, Firefox fills them in the forms automatically whenever they are required.
Download Management

The inbuilt download manager of Firefox downloads files fast. Although you may not rely on the inbuilt download manager of any browser due to amazing third party download tools, still Firefox’s download manager will satisfy you when downloads are not supported by the third party tools.

The Last But Not Least, Switch Between User Agents
By installing extensions on Firefox, you can switch between user agents flexibly. Sometimes you need to visit a mobile site ( or etc) and whenever you try to visit it through your computer, you are redirected to the PC version of the website. But installing a user agent switching ad-on, you can declare your computer a mobile device, mac or even a crawler or spider (webmasters need this). This makes Firefox the standalone browser of the world. 

This was a brief review on the best Internet browser of year 2013. I hope that you have now understood, why Chrome is most popular and which one is the best web browser.

Mozilla Firefox-The Best Internet Browser of 2013
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Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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