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Opera Mini 7.1 Java Review-Mobile Browser Free Download

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opera mini 7.1 java mobile phone browser free download


Opera mobile browsers are the best mobile browsers of the world. It was the Opera which brought a transformation in the world of mobile Internet browsing. Opera browser series made the mobile browsing so easy, fast and reliable that any webpage can now be accessed easily and almost in its original state even by simple and common Java supporting mobile phones. Now Opera has launched the version 7.1 of Opera Mini mobile browser series. The new and updated version of this series is much improved and the known good performance of the famous mobile browser has been furnished further. Some major modifications, which have been brought to the product, are discussed below:

Improved Download

The most loved feature of the product have been the good download capability of the browser. Opera Mini mobile browsers are known for their better downloading capabilities. Before the Opera mobile browsers, the downloading of files from the Internet by mobile phones was not easy, but Opera series brought a change in this issue. In the latest Opera Mini 7.1, the download capability has been enhanced. The resume capability and download speed is improved. Below is what has been improved in the download manager of Opera Mini.

Faster Downloads: The mobile download speed was never as fast as now it is in the Opera Mini 7.1. The superb download speed allows you to download large files also using your mobile phone.

Pause/Resume Downloads: The fear of connection loss while download has been ended by the download manager of Opera Mini 7.1. If your download is interrupted due to connection loss, power outage or any other problem, then you can resume it later from the point where it was terminated. Remember here that all downloads couldn’t be resumed and downloads for those files can be resumed only which are hosted on servers with resume support.

Save Files in Any Location: You can save your downloads in any folder on your phone. This allows you to organize your downloaded files in a better and convenient way.

Download Multiple Files Together: You can keep multiple downloads going on at the same time. Before Opera Mini 7.1, the multiple downloads were not available.

Progress Bar: The progress bar keeps you informed about the current status of the downloads.

Improved Browsing

The Internet browsing has always been smooth with Opera Mini mobile browsers, but the latest version is even better. You can navigate through webpages smoothly. The page load time has been improved.
Direct Access to File Formats
The updated Opera Mini 7.1 can open any file type, which is supported by the phone, using the concerned application of the phone. The file can be saved also for the future access.
Improved Tabbed Browsing
Although tabbed browsing was introduced earlier in the product series, but in Opera Mini 7.1, the tabbed browsing has been made even better. So you can browser multiple webpages at the same time and can navigate and switch between them smoothly and effortlessly.
Browsing is Easier Even More
The Internet browsing from mobile phones has been made even more easy by Opera Mini 7.1. It aims the ease of access for its users.
Diverse Support
Opera Mini 7.1 works on almost every Java supporting mobile phone including low-end mobile phones. It supports more than 3500 mobile phone models from different manufacturers.
It was an introduction to to Opera Mini 7.1. I am sure that you will love it. To download the updated version to your mobile phone, visit with your mobile phone’s inbuilt browser. This will allow you to download the signed version of the product to your phone. If you are not comfortable to download the product with your mobile phone, you can download the .jar file below and then transfer it to your phone using Bluetooth, data cable or any other media.
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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