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Mobile Internet-Best Mobile Internet Packages in Pakistan

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Telenor Pakistan has offered its best mobile Internet monthly package in history. It is a good news to mobile Internet users in Pakistan but the bad news is that the newly introduced package is still worse than that of Zong’s Internet packages. Telenor is offering only 500MB data/month for Rs. 250. If we compare the package price of Telenor with that of Zong monthly mobile Internet bundle, Zong leads as it is providing 2GB data/month for just Rs. 200.
If we compare the connection speed of both services, Telenor is undoubtedly superior. Telenor is preferred for mobile Internet by mobile users due its consistency. Zong’s connection speed greatly reduces in peak hours (6:00 PM-12:00 AM) and even fast loading websites couldn’t be opened for several minutes. On the other hand, Telenor is good as the speed doesn’t affected terribly like that of Zong.
As we know that all mobile networks in Pakistan are second generation (2G). The facility of broadband Internet is also unavailable in many parts of the country. In these circumstances, a majority of Internet users depend on the cellular networks to avail the facility of Internet. The public is waiting for the upgrade of the networks but we are not expecting this transformation in near future. So we can say that we’ll have to depend on GPRS and EDGE of the cellular networks till any unpredictable change occurs. Although PTCL is reaching throughout the country with its competence, but still a majority of the common people will be waiting for any easy service.
So we were talking about the new monthly mobile Internet package of Telenor. The question arises here, for which service you should go for? Telenor or Zong? The answer is, if you only browse the Internet, then still you can mange your whole month with the 500MB which Telenor allots you for Rs 250 and you should go for it as the speed in Telenor is better than that of Zong.. Zong will give you 2GB on the other hand. If the Zong services are better in your area, then you should surely go for Zong, as you will get 2GB data/month for only Rs. 200. Simply experiment by testing both services and then select the one which works well for you. To activate Telenor’s monthly 500MB package, dial *345*904#, and for Zong’s monthly 2GB package, dial *908#. Telenor also offers 45MB data/month at Rs. 105. To activate this, dial *345*903#. Details about some other mobile Internet packages in Telenor and Zong are listed below:
Daily 3MB mobile [email protected] 3+tax. Dial *345*901# for activation
Weekly 15MB mobile [email protected] 35+tax. Dial *345*902# for activation
Monthly 45MB mobile [email protected] 105. Dial *345*903# for activation
Monthly 500MB mobile [email protected] 250. Dial *345*904# for activation
Daily unlimited mobile [email protected] Rs. 10+tax. Dial *909# for activation
Monthly 2GB mobile [email protected] 200. Dial *908# for activation
Monthly 4GB mobile [email protected] 400+tax. Send SUB4GB to 905 for activation
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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9 Replies to “Mobile Internet-Best Mobile Internet Packages in Pakistan”

  1. Hi BRO,

    I want to know how many MBs consumed while surfing internet, for say one hour. And what amount of MBs consumed in usinf apps like facebook,twitter,whats app etc. Kindly answer my questions.

    1. Hello Yousuf,
      It depends the size of pages you are accessing. If you use Opera or any other faster browser, the amount of MBs consumed in one hour stays high than using the inbuilt browser or any application like Facebook app or other..

  2. Dears,
    I need information for internet connectivity, i am living in rural area almost 10KM away from city area.
    I have purchased Telenor USB device but internet speed is very low to open a web page it take to much time, file attachment is not possible. Please advise me how i can get best internet services. Some one told me if I install GSM Booster amplifier in home it will good. Please advise me how i can get best internet service.

  3. Hey there! 🙂
    Okay so im an average teenager..15 years old.. And i live in Bahria Town Rawalpindi.. Surely you know the connections speed are over here.. And in other places.. So anyway…
    I was thinking about that 4 GB thingy..
    How much is it for??? ….. And will it work better than 2gb pakage?
    I use internet ALOT!! And recently i started using internet through my PC using Zong.
    So id really appreciate if you give all the details and specification of this pakage.. Oh and.. Thanks..!! 😛
    reply soon..!

    1. Hi Omar,
      4GB package gives you more data and the speed is same for all packages. So while choosing packages, keep this in mind that speed will stay same for all, the only difference will be in amount of allowed data transfer..

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