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How to Select Best Topics for Blogging

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how to find best topics for blogging/blog posts/web pages

When we talk about the success of a website or a blog, it is the traffic which decides the fate. This success couldn’t be achieved easily. Along with proper SEO, there is another crucial thing which decides the success or failure of your blog. Without it, SEO is incomplete.

You know that visitors search for useful content on the Internet. So the most important thing for the success of a blog, which I am going to discuss with you, is the topics or the nature of the posts which you make on your blog. The more interesting and useful the posts are, the more visitors will be attracted. But how to find hot topics? This is the question which sometimes frustrates the blogger.

If you have written some posts on your blog, you might have noticed that which post has been most viewed. To monitor this, you can use any analytic tool like Google Analytics. This is a common way which most bloggers and website owners use to bring better changes in their website content. But what to post on the blog? This is the question which should be thought carefully and thoroughly before making any new post. You should make it sure that the new post will bring more traffic to your blog. Below are some ways which will help you in writing a good and successful post for your blog.

Social Networking Websites
Social websites like Facebook, Twitter , Google Plus, Digg etc are very good platforms where you can find hot topics for blogging. A very large number of people gathers there and shares their interests and hobbies etc. You can keep visiting social websites to know that what people are discussing about. What is the hot discussion which is being participated by most people. So you can find the interesting topics which are most discussed and most searched by people. Remember that your audience is the general public, so always write for it. To know about the interests of the public, there is no any better place than social networks.

Forums are the next platform which will provide you yet another opportunity to know about what people are interested in. People mostly join forums to get help and help others. You can join popular forums like the Warrior Forum to keep you informed about different problems and issues shared by people and then can write good solutions for them on your blog.

Search Hot Topics on Google Trends
Google Trends is a free tool from Google which allows to search for the most searched topics of the month and day. You can search the hot topics and can write the similar posts on your blog to attract visitors.

Yahoo Search Clues
Yahoo also provides an easy way to search the hot topics. You can use Yahoo Search Clues to find out what is being discussed the most. Then you can select a related topic for your blog from the list. This really works, so don’t hesitate to try it out.

Bing Top Image Searches
Like Google and Yahoo, Bing provides the list of most searched images. By clicking an image, you can find out the queries which were used for that particular image and then can manage your blog accordingly. You can try Bing Top Image Searches here

AOL Search Trends
AOL Search Trends also list the most searched content. You can use this service to find more topics for your blog if the above services fail to give you enough material.

Magazines and Newspapers
Magazines and newspapers contain the selected articles which are hot and interesting. If you don’t have any idea what to write next for your blog, you can find the quality topics related with your blog in newspapers and magazines.

Blogs and Websites
Blogs and websites may also help you in selecting good topics for your blog posts. You can read articles related with your blog on other websites and blogs which are most viewed and commented. Then you can make your efforts to rewrite them in a better way. Along with good written content. proper SEO will surely bless you with success.

These were some easy ways which will help you in finding cool topics for your blog posts and web pages. I hope that this article will help you finding the ways to bring more visitors to your blog or website. Best of luck!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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