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Google Star Ratings-Show Star Ratings for Your Website

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how to show google star ratings for website, webpages, blogger blog posts in search results

Google Star Rating is the rating for website which is shown in search engine results for the particular link of the concerned website. This rating is shown as stars and is displayed in search results, below the URL. The star rating is based on visitor responses on the content of your website/blog for which the rating is shown.

Star ratings, if shown in search results, may result increase or decrease in CTR value. CTR (Click-Thru Ratio) is the value which tells that how many visitors clicked your link out of 100 who viewed in search results. So while showing ratings, please make sure that your website has got enough reputation among search engines and visitors. If your website has a good reputation, then it is more likely to get good responses from its visitors, increasing the star rating, in fact increasing reputation of your website further. And if it hasn’t achieved any good reputation, kindly first utilize your efforts to get a good rank, then show the ratings for it.

If you have a WordPress blog or website, then you might be using any plugin to show star ratings at bottom of your posts. These ratings are shown in search results later, if your template source has a proper markup added. You can check either the markup is added properly or not with the help of Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool. If the markup is not added properly, then you need to fix it before the ratings are shown in search results. You can use a cool WordPress plugin from GD Star Ratings to show the ratings in search results and at the bottom of posts easily. This plugin provides many more features and customizations also.

Show Star Rating for Blogger Posts and Website Pages
If you want to show your own rating for one or all Blogger posts and website pages in search results, you can follow the simple steps mentioned below. To do this, you should access the HTML source of your web page. If you want to show these starts for a Blogger blog post, then simply create a new post or edit an old one, then click on HTML tab and paste the below code at the end of HTML source of the concerned post. You can show stars for any webpage by adding the below code at the end of HTML source of the concerned webpage.

  Reviewer’s Nameon October 18 2012Stars

Edit the highlighted values with your own values as mentioned below:
  • Write the name of product by replacing “Name of Product Which You Are Going to Review“. For example if you are reviewing a Nokia N8 phone, then write Nokia N8 in place of the yellow highlighted text
  • Next comes the reviewer’s name. Here you can write your own name or any name which you like to make appear in search results as reviewer. Replace highlighted “Reviewer’s Name” to customize it
  • In third step, customize the date which you want to show as on which the the review was made. Replace the date in “2012-18-10” as YYYY-DD-MM format
  • At last, edit your rating to the concerned post/product. Replace “Stars” with the number of stars which you would like to make appear in results. Remember that your value should be between 1-5.
  • You are all done. Save your webpage in case of a website page or publish your post if you are adding this to a Blogger blog’s post. Wait for Google to index your post/webpage. Once it is indexed, you can see the stars in search results
This was all about rating stars appearance in Google search results. I hope you liked it. If you face any difficulty regarding this, you can ask by commenting on this post. Thank you!

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Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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14 Replies to “Google Star Ratings-Show Star Ratings for Your Website”

    1. Hi John, can you mention your blogs’ URLs? The stars should appear in search results if you have added the code correctly (at the end of HTML source of posts or pages)

    2. I visited your blog and found it brand new. It will take sometime before stars will start appearing in search results. Wait and see either they appear or not..

    3. Hi John, it is my pleasure if I can help you… Regarding with star ratings for main domain, sorry to say that it is not possible to do so… The main domain doesn’t contain any content for itself as posts and pages do, so we can’t add the snippet code for main domain.

  1. Dear Rehmat,
    Thank you for giving us this helpful information.
    I have a sales website (final product website)and not a blog or review website, would the rating stars also show up?
    also, will the stars appear always when my url appear, no matter what is the search word?
    also, how do those who do not have access to edit my html vote?

    Thank you again

    1. Sorry to say that this code doesn’t allow visitors to change the rating. The star rating can be controlled by those only who have access to edit the HTML code. And yes, the stars will appear for all URLs (of pages) to which you have added the code.

    2. In fact, it’s not guaranteed that stars will appear on search page even if the snippet is there. Google states that officially in the documentation. Also, there a way to allow users affect the rating (vote). Check Graddit rating widget – after you place it into your blog there’s an option to create snippets and put them into the posts automatically. More details here:

  2. Rehmat, I googled “five star rating on Google”, and guess what? Your article here was the only one on the topic that actually HAD a five star rating in the search results. No other I saw even had the feature in their results.
    Haha, clearly you are part of the minority of bloggers who knows precisely what he is talking about!

  3. Hello Rehmat…First I would like to thank you for this article…but am facing one problem the problem is in Google Structured Data Testing Tool Preview rating showing up but in google search the rating is not showing so can you help ?

    1. Hey Mason, it will take a few days before the stars will appear in SERPs. For new posts, the stars should start appearing soon after the post gets indexed

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