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How to Avoid Google Adsense Disapproval

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Google Adsense. How to get approved

Google Adsense is the most popular publishing/pay per click program which you can use on your website to get revenue from it, but to get an approved Adsense account is not much easy as we think. Adsense only accepts the websites in its program which comply with its policies. If the concerned website doesn’t comply with the program policies of Adsense, it is discarded. There are some points to be noted down by you which will decide your Adsense application approval or rejection. If you have worked on these before applying for Adsense, your application will never be rejected. Below are the most important steps which should be performed by you with great care. If you are a newbie, this article will help you to get Adsense for your blog, website or forum easily.

Optimize your website for Adsense
It is the first and most important step that you should make your website ready for applying for Adsense. If you have a website, blog or forum, you can’t apply for Adsense soon after its creation. You need to do some work to make able it to get approved by Adsense. The first thing is content. Your website should have a good amount of content. Minimum 50 pages/posts are recommended. The quality of the content should be good. It should not contain the content copied from other sites. If there is a good amount of content on your website, promote it on social networks and other websites. Make your site SEO friendly to make it appear in the search engine results. When your website starts getting some traffic, you are ready to apply for Adsense. Remember!!! Traffic plays crucial role in approval of your application.
Apply for Google Adsense
Create an account on Adsense and submit your application. Make sure to submit your real contact information in the application. The address should be entered correctly; otherwise your application will not be accepted. Postal Zip and street address is required by Adsense.
Adsense will look into your application and you will receive an email from it if your submitted information is accepted by Adsense. If any necessary information is missing or invalid in your application, Adsense will also mail you about it and will ask you to correct the errors and resubmit your application. When your application is accepted at Adsense, you have to login to your Adsense account and generate ad units and embed the code on your web pages. Embed the code on 2 or 3 pages for the first time and wait for fully approval of your application. If your website is accepted, Adsensewill start showing ads on your pages. Then embed code on all pages. Blogger blogs are only needed to be linked with an approved Adsense account and ads can be customized from Blogger dashboard.
How to Avoid Google Adsense Disapproval?
You can follow the below instructions to avoid Adsense disapproval for your website.
Put enough content
Google will never accept any website with lesser content on it. The minimum of 50 pages for websites and 30 posts for blogs are recommended.
Don’t put redirecting links
Don’t put much redirecting links on your website which redirect your visitors to other websites. This may cause your website to disapprove by Adsense.
Avoid putting frames
Framing is a sort of copying other’s content. If you have a lot of iframes on your website, showing other’s website’s content, Adsense may reject your website. Much widgets like Facebook Like Box and other may also cause your website to disapproved by Adsense.
Don’t get much backlinks
Backlinks play a crucial role in search engine ranking of your website but getting enormous backlinks in a short span of time may result your website’s disapproval by Adsense. Suppose if your website is only one month old and it has 10000 backlinks, then this factor is surely a suspicious one for Google. It will declare your website as a spam. If you are using any tool for getting backlinks, use it in a controlled manner. Read this article to learn how to get quality backlinks for your website.
Age of your website
Although Adsense has not discussed any age limit for websites in its policies, but it is recommended to wait for 4 to 6 six months after creating your website. Maintain your website for the above mentioned period and then apply for Adsense.
How to avoid suspending of your account?
As Adsense is a Pay per Click program, it pays the website owner when someone clicks on the ads on him/her website. Many newbies cause their account to be banned by Adsense by clicking on their own ads. They also ask their friends to click on the ads. As Adsense keeps a sensitive record of every click generated, it suspends the accounts on the websites where it finds any suspicious activity. i.e. much clicks from same IPs. So never click on your own ads, neither ask your friends to do so.
These were some tips, how to get an approved account for websites. Hope this will work for you. Best of luck!!!
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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