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PHPMailer: Called Mail() without being connected cPanel/WHM

PHPMailer is the most trusted PHP class to send emails that provide a complete set of features to enable you to send emails the easy way from your PHP apps. This class supports SMTP protocol too. WordPress and several other CMS systems use this class. If you have started using PHPMailer in your projects too and facing a bug like I faced recently on a client site, then here is the solution. One of my clients was using PHPMailer on his

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PTV Sports Latest BISS Key / Code Paksat Feb 2017

PTV Sports Latest BISS Code / Key 2017: The signals of PTV (Pakistan Television Network) Sports channel are encrypted using BISS keys. As the rights for telecasting the international cricket matches in Pakistan are reserved by Geo Super, so no other TV channel can broadcast the live cricket matches on satellite TV. PTV Sports can only show these matches on the terrestrial network. The BISS key of PTV sports is kept changing during important cricket matches. They are changed and only

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How to bulk delete posts by a user in vBulletin

vBulletin is the most powerful forum software out there but sometimes its complex (or I can say that the ugly) administration control panel makes it hard for the admins and moderators to find the tools they need. If you have recently started a forum using vBulletin and didn’t apply any moderation policies there, then chances are that your forums have been spammed heavily by spammers already. I came across a similar situation recently and after struggling to find the option

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Opening an EasyPay merchant account in Pakistan

EasyPay is a product of Telenor that allows merchants in Pakistan to accept credit and debit cards at their online stores. This eCommerce solution is already empowering several online businesses and if you are going to start an eCommerce store in near future or if you have already started one, then this guide is going to help you in opening an EasyPay account to offer an easy payment solution for your customers on your store. How does it work: When you open

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How to Backup and Restore a Large MySQL Database

phpMyAdmin is the most familiar tool for database management on small and medium-sized websites and blogs. This free tool makes the task of database management simple but phpMyAdmin is a no-no when it comes to export and import the backups of larger databases. Bigger websites’ MySQL data comes in GBs and the best way to export a large database is to use command-line. If your database size is in a few hundred MBs, then you can run a one-session task

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Google AdSense Payment Methods in Pakistan [2017]

Pakistani bloggers and YouTubers have three options available to receive their AdSense payments. I am explaining each method below and you can choose the best option that suits your needs. Here are the currently available payment methods through which you can withdraw your AdSense earnings in Pakistan. 1. Western Union Quick Cash: This payment method is offered by Google for some chosen countries only and Pakistan is one of them. Western Union Quick Cash is the fastest way to collect your AdSense

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Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives in 2014


Google AdSense has been the best monetization source for well established blogs and websites, but sometimes publishers at certain websites and blogs need to look for any network other than Google AdSense for several reasons. The reasons may be AdSense ban, poor earnings with AdSense or the publisher’s aim to earn some extra cash by showing ads from multiple networks. If you are searching for some good alternatives to Google AdSense, then this list may get you a profitable network

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MoboRobo Review – Download Free for iPhone, Android & PC


MoboRobo is an all-in-one Smartphone manager for PC which allows you to connect your Android or iPhone device with PC for different purposes. The application enables an easy file transfer between your computer and your Android or iPhone device, thus you can transfer files between your Smartphone and your computer with extreme ease as well as can perform several other tasks using the tool. MoboRobo is a freeware from its developer and you can use this Smartphone management tool to

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myblogguest-penalty has received a manual action from Google’s Matt Cutts and his team and now the site doesn’t rank even for its brand name in Google search. Apart from, several other blogs and websites also received the treatment from Google for which the concerned webmasters were building links by promoting their guest articles via MBG network. Moreover, many of those blogs have also received the treatment where bloggers were publishing guest articles from MBG and were throwing away dofollow

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How to Complete Payoneer US Payment Service Questionnaire


If your application at Payoneer have been approved, then the next step is to complete and submit the questionnaire for Payoneer’s US Payment Service. Once you will complete and submit the questionnaire, your USP account will be fully approved, otherwise your payments may be kept on hold. When your Payoneer MasterCard® is approved, then a virtual bank account is created for you in Bank of America. This account can be used to receive payments from US corporations like PayPal, Amazon,

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A Small Orange (ASO) Web Hosting Review 2014


A Small Orange is a less familiar name in website hosting industry. This comparatively small and hidden hosting provider is a true champion in providing quality hosting services for its clients at affordable prices. A few months back, I was wandering here and there for finding a quality host and was leaving each hosting provider due to stability issues, but A Small Orange has retained me by providing a quality hosting for my blogs. When I switched from Blogger to

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Linux or Windows Based Hosting Server for WordPress?


Due to its powerful features and user-friendliness, WordPress has become the first choice of bloggers. If you are a blogger and want to start your blogging journey with, or if you want to build your business website using this great CMS, then you need to purchase a hosting for your project. At present, two OS types are most popular which empower servers. One is the Microsoft’s Windows and second is the Linux. Although OS doesn’t matter a lot for

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How to Receive AdSense Earnings via Wire Transfer in India


Google AdSense has completed a cycle of beta testings of wire transfers for Indian publishers. The publishers, who participated the beta testing, showed their great positive response towards this upgrade. Although the upgrade is in its beta stage, still AdSense publishers from India can try this feature for receiving their earnings for the month of February 2014. If you are an Indian AdSense publisher and are interested in trying out the EFT from Google for your earnings, then you need

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How to Get Approved Easily at Google AdSense in 2014


When Google launched its AdSense program back in 2003, it was extremely easy for publishers to get approved into this revenue sharing program. By the passage of time, AdSense grew into a serious business and it became one of the best monetization sources for blogs, websites and viral YouTube channels. Due to its effectiveness, AdSense became the first choice of almost all website and blog owners where the publishers were aiming to generate an income by displaying sponsored ads on

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How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Devices


Android platform has become extremely popular among mobile community. A few years ago, downloading YouTube videos using mobile phones wasn’t easy due to several limiting factors. These limiting factors were poorer compatibility of videos for mobile phones, slower Internet connections and the poorer playback experience of videos on mobile phones. But now, everything has changed. Internet connections over cellular networks have become too fast after evolution of 3G and 4G technology. Availability of high-speed WiFi Internet in most places has

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